So Go Camping March 2012

The intention of the SoGo camping website is to not only to provide tips and tricks for seasoned campers, but to also inspire more people to try camping holidays. The final outcome of this project consisted of a website layout, a mascot, an illustrated beginner’s guide and a viral ad campaign. I chose a warm, earthy colour pallet for the overall theme to give the site a welcoming feel whilst maintaining the association with nature. The mascot (or guide) was designed to reflect the “come rain or shine” spirit of camping in a humorous, gung-ho “have fun or else!” kind of way. This attitude goes further as part of the viral advertising campaign where stickers and labels are attached to camping equipment purposefully, as if the mascot herself is annoyed with all these “posers” buying cam ping equipment because “glamping” is in at the moment, and in a passive aggressive move, wants to show you how to really make the most of your time outdoors. I always felt the slogan itself was too weak for the intended impact, however, I had a limited time with this project and the image making was the priority.