Wasteland scout August 2012

This digital illustration is intended to be part of a series of illustrations I hope to work on soon. Kalyna the wasteland scout, is part of a roving tribe. The travel across the wastelands of a dystopian Europe from one village to the next, passing on news, teaching their survival techniques and trading goods. The wasteland is humid during the day, but bitter cold at night. Due to the poisonous thorny brambles growing up from the dry ground, the travellers protect themselves by wearing thick leg armour and steel capped boots, even in the heat. The weapon Kalyna wields is a traditional tool of the roving tribe known as a splade. It can be used for a number of different tasks such as digging for water, sweeping through thick areas of brambles, climbing aide and protection. As a scouts job is travelling days ahead of the caravans to inform villages of the tribes arrival and reserve accommodation for them, having keen survival skills is essential.