Building a head base with Runaway fursuit parts

This version is more how I would build suits I intend to wear for myself as the head in the video is for a cosplay. For professional suits, I have a different process that requires more duct taping and copydex adhesive… however I didn’t have any copydex left during the making of this video.

Anyway, hopefully this will answer some questions:

– How do I attach it to a balaclava? (Sort of answers it, but that’s the footage I lost) 6:52

– What do I do if I don’t want a moving jaw? 7:21

– How do I fit eyes to the base? 8:33

– How do I build the back of the head? 9:57

– How do I attach ears? 14:22

– How easy is it to modify? 23:49

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