If you have a question and it’s not covered here, please feel free to get in touch via the contact form.  


That is my main area of business.
I use two part soft expanding foam for my head bases. They are made in a silicone mold.
I mainly source materials from UK suppliers, however I will order from an American retailer if needed. 
I don’t own any pets. However, please message me if you have an allergy of any specific concern. 
Only during the curing process. once the head is fully cured, it is perfectly safe to wear.
No, due to the way I cast my heads I am unable to modfy the overall look of each head. However, they are very easy to modify for yourself with upholstery foam so you can guarantee yourself an ideal fit.
I have a tutorial in the works that will help you answer building questions soon.  But for now, please ask me on Etsy and I will provide information to your specific request.


Certainly, I post worldwide.
Etsy provides all of this information on the "Shipping" tab on each listing.
No, I only accept payments through Etsy due to security and quality assurance.
As currency conversion rates change its easier and more accurate for you to use one of the many free currency converters available by searching in google. If you are paying from overseas, Paypal can also convert the money for you before you send.
Sorry, but I don’t accept trades.
I send all parcels tracked to ensure they reach their destination, I will not send without tracking unless sending to a Po.Box (this is only due to Royal mail rules). 
It depends on how far away the parcel has to travel from the UK.  International is between 7 to 10 days at the most.
I aim to make all of my products within a week of ordering minimum, however, when I have a large number of orders it can take up to two weeks.