I know they can be boring, but please make sure you read and understand the terms and conditions before ordering. I've categorised them  and everything just for you.


You can email me any time, and I will respond at the first available convenience. I don’t not take phone calls, however I will instant message over skype if live messaging is required. If you need to talk to me at a particular time, to ensure I will be available, please notify me in advanced via email.
It is advised to keep communication open during the creation process of your commission in case any changes need to made to the design or any problems arise. (please see T&C’s about changes for more information about altering details of a commission)


Please provide all of the relevant information in the quotes contact form in order to receive and accurate quote. If you have been quoted based on the information you’ve provided, but that information is incomplete or inaccurate, the quote price may increase to match the building costs. For example, if you are getting a quote for a full suit but you don’t tell me your weight or height, I will quote you the price for a medium sized suit. If you’re larger than a medium however, this will require more material and will increase the original quoted price.
If you provide your country of residence to the quote form, I will also estimate the postage costs for you. These are purely estimates and will change slightly on the final payment.
A given quote will be relevant for about six months. If you’ve received a quote more than 6 months ago, or if anything major about your project has changed, then please apply for another quote.

Materials and building: Before booking a commission please bear in mind the following to avoid disappointment

I’ll try my best to recreate your characters design, however some details may be impossible to recreate and have to be compromised on, for example tribal tiger stripes or Celtic knot leopard print.
I won’t make any copyrighted characters (Pokemon/Looney toons/ Disney etc.) unless you have written permission from the copyright holder. Although costume and cosplay seems like very grey area when it comes to copyright, recreating a copyrighted character for payment is infringement. If the company that owns the copyright decides that my making a suit of their character as a commission, has caused them any financial harm (that includes diverting sales from their own products, so I wouldn't even need to sell it personally to cause an infringement) they have every right to sue me. I do not want to take that chance. Plus, making your own costume is all in the spirit of cosplay, its more fun and rewarding than having someone else make it.
I will build to the specifications and measurements you give me; if these turn out to be incorrect it is your responsibility. However, I will always double check details that I am unsure about and if anything needs to change during the creation process I will always ask for permission and your input first.
It is the commissioner’s responsibility to ensure the duct tape dummy has been constructed to the requirements stated on my website. If any of these requirements are not met, it could cause a delay to the project’s completion.
I try to order the highest quality and most appropriate materials that are available; however they will vary as they are not usually bought from the same manufacturer unless the option is available. In the event I allow a commissioner to provide their own material, they are responsible in ensuring that the material is an appropriate quality and quantity to complete the project. If the material is soiled, damaged or in any way unusable, it is the commissioners responsibility to pay for return postage of the material, and also provide more appropriate material before the work can continue. If the commissioner has provided their own material they are also responsible for any early signs of wear to the fabric from use.
Unless stated otherwise, I will occasionally feature the progress of my work on my blog, so if you want your commission to remain a secret for whatever reason I will happily fulfil that request.
All items are made in a pet free, smoke free environment. The adhesive I use for costumes is latex based.
If your commission has a deadline (such as a convention, or a promotional event), please inform me before ordering - if I agree to take on the commission I will do my best to get it to you on time. However, if I have several commissions in the queue before yours or I feel the deadline is unreasonable I will not accept your deadline.  Once a deadline has been given, I will work towards it - if you wish to change your deadline to an earlier time though, this request will be denied or I may request a "rush order" charge for your commission. When I accept your commission I will usually give you an approximate completion month.

Payment: You are paying me for my time to work on your project and reimbursing me for the materials required.

For projects and commissions, a 30% deposit is required to cover the cost of the materials needed to start the project and to ensure payment for the work will be received upon completion. This deposit is partially refundable depending on if the materials have already been bought and how much of the work has already been done (see Cancelations and changes).
In some circumstances, I am willing to accept payment plans to break up the cost of the suit. I will accept no more than three payments for heads, Partials and half suits. I will accept no more than four payments for full suits. The deposit counts as a payment. The payment plan must be agreed upon before work can begin, so it is preferable that you mention a need for broken payments as soon as possible (preferably in the quote form). If the commissioner requests to make their final payment in instalments after the work has begun, but it has not been agreed upon beforehand, the request will be granted but may incur an additional fee. The fee is to cover an inconvenience caused in a situation where I would have good reason to not accept a payment plan had I been informed of the commissioner’s intentions beforehand.  
All work must be paid for in full for it to be shipped, please bear this in mind if you want the suit before a certain date, I will not be held responsible for missed deadlines resulting from lack of payment. Unless we have worked out an agreement, work that hasn't been paid for 2 months after the deadline, will be altered and sold as a premade suit. If you are struggling to make the final payment to the given time, please contact me and we can work something out.
If you’re working on a budget, please tell me and I will do the best I can to work around it but I will not do the same amount of work for a huge discount.
I’d rather receive large payments Via direct transfer, however I will accept paypal with a 3% surcharge. I request that overseas customers convert the currency before sending. I will accept a cheque, however your goods won’t be sent until payment has been received.
All quotes that are converted from GBP for overseas clients are estimations based on current rates. As rates frequently change, payments must be made in GBP through paypal.

Postage: Postage cost is not included in the final price but must be covered by the customer.

Most postal services offer damage cover for items (varying from company to company) I will recommend that the customer pay for additional cover if free cover is not available for your preferred method of postage. I do not take responsibility for items lost or damaged during shipping.
I ship worldwide from the UK, some countries have customs tax charges that Runaway workshop cannot prevent. Unfortunately, I cannot send the package labelled as a gift as this is considered a tax cheat and is illegal.

Cancellations & Changes:

If for any reason you decide to cancel your order on personalised goods and commissions you are well within your rights, however the hourly rate of work done and the cost materials used on the project up to the point of cancellation will be deducted from the return of the deposit. If work hasn't started and materials haven’t been bought, you will receive the full deposit back
In regards to costumes, no changes can be made to the material once it has been purchased and work has started. If the closest available material differs too greatly from the original agreement, however, I will contact you before starting the build and we can discuss a compromise with material that is available to ensure I make you the best suit I possibly can.
If you originally ordered a lower priced commission, but then change your mind and would like a more advanced project (or vice versa) the price will change accordingly. In some cases however, if the work has already reached a point where these features cannot be added/taken away, I will be unable to provide the changes unless you are willing to pay an additional fee to cover the extra hours/materials.

After care & returns

 Once the commission is complete, I offer 30 day warranty to cover manufacturing damages. If there is clear damage from mishandling and/or any alterations have been made to the item in this time it will invalidate this warranty and it will be sent back at the cost of the customer. If the item has been worn prior to returning, it must be cleaned before being sent for repairs. I will not work on dirty or soiled items and the product will be sent back at the customer's expense.
I may be willing to accept a return on an item, however it must be agreed upon in advance. The item balance will be returned, but the initial deposit is non-refundable. I will accept returns within 30 days only with a reasonable reason. If for example you have changed your character design or species this isn't something I will do a return for
If a return has been agreed upon within the 30 day time frame, I will refund you your final payment. You will not get your deposit back and I reserve the right to resell your suit at auction (in this case I will alter it to differ from your character).
Before starting a commission, I will alert you to any of the potential dangers of performing in a suit with your selected features. Reduced vision and mobility are always elements of concern when wearing a fursuit/mascot so please act responsibly, stay hydrated and if necessary get a handler to help you. Safety is the responsibility of the wearer of the suit, but I would feel bad if you hurt yourself.


If you have provided your own concept art of a created character, the concept art and ideas of the original artist will remain the property of the artist. However, until the produced items and services have been paid for in full, they remain the property of myself.
Once all items are paid for, that are both partly and fully my own work, I retain the right to display them on my website and anywhere else examples of my work are required. I will not, however, replicate your commission for another client. If I need to display concept art work with a commission’s final photo shoot that belongs to the client, it will be displayed on my website with the provided material with a disclaimer denying my credit to that part of the work.
My creations are made with nothing but good and innocent intentions, if the purchaser/commissioner decides to publicly use my work for purposes that cause offence to anyone, this is not my responsibility.


I will only use the information that I collect about you lawfully (in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998). I collect information about you for 2 reasons: firstly, to process your order and second, to provide you with the best possible service. The information I hold will be accurate and up to date. You can check the information that I hold about you by emailing me. If you find any inaccuracies I will delete or correct them promptly. The personal information, which I hold, will be held securely in accordance with the law.
My contact information is provided purely for my customers and potential clients to contact me in order for me to provide a service to them. It is not okay to use my information for any other purpose including advertising, data collection, phishing and time wasting.

Graphic design and illustration work:

Don’t steal or sell my graphic design/illustration work, make your own, because making stuff is fun. As well as the above terms and conditions that are relevant, the following applies to graphic design/illustration commissions, subcontracted or direct.
  • Any material provided by the commissioner will remain the property of the commissioner, in the even it is displayed with the work I have created; all credit will be given where it is needed.
  • If you have a rough concepts or ideas which are to be refined and finalised by myself, the resulting work by me will be considered at least collaborative depending on my contribution towards its finalisation, and I will be considered a part owner of the piece until it has been paid for in full.
  • If I am the sole creator of your commission, I will retain full rights to the work until payment is received.
  • revisions on work are free during the creation process, but this does not include complete redesigns. After I have created a series of rough idea directions for you to choose from, the route you decide on will be developed further, but will not be completely changed without incurring an additional charge.